What is a habitat? We know that it is a special place for something to live. But what important things does this place have in order for it to be called a habitat? In what habitat do certain plants and animals live? Each group will study one special habitat, and you will learn the answers to these questions and many more. You will use this webquest page to take an electronic fieldtrip to each habitat. On each trip you will learn new and interesting facts that you will share with the other groups.

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As our class studies each of 4 habitats, you will visit this webquest page with your group to take your electronic fieldtrips. As you travel through your habitat you will collect interesting facts. At the end of our study you will create a movie to display the facts you've learned about the 4 habitats.


To accomplish this task you will follow the steps below:
1. First you will be assigned a group and a habitat.
2. Then you will click on the links that have the name of the habitat you are currently studying and fill out your habitat fact sheet.
4. Enjoy your field trip but don't forget to answer the questions and fill out your habitat fact sheet.
5. After all 4 habitats have been studied, yyour group will share your learning with the other classmates.
6. When you have you will create a movie about habitats.


Print the Habitat Fact Sheet.
Use these links for Rainforest Question 1.
Animals of the Rainforest
Tropical Rainforests

Use these links for Rainforest Question 2.

What Kind of Plants?

Use for Rainforest Question 3.Rainforest LayersTropical Rainforests
Use for Rainforest Question 4.Made in the Rainforest

Desert Topics

Deciduous Forests
More on Deciduous Forests
Deciduous Forest Plants

Oceans Field Trip For missing answers
Life in the Ocean
More Ocean Animals

How You Will Be Graded

1. You cooperated with your group.
2. You completed the fact sheet.
3. You helped design a habitat with your group.
4. You included interesting facts and illustrations.
5. You helped present your facts and information.


You have completed your electronic field trips. You've shared your learning about the wonders of the rainforest, the desert, the forest, and the oceans. I hope you enjoyed your trips!